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About Andrea

Andrea Gross is an authentic, straight forward (from New York), and inspiring Certified Life Coach. Her compassionate and non-judgmental personality makes it easy for clients to open up to her. Her sense of humor and style are an extra bonus. Her goal is to help people believe in themselves as opposed to just “thinking positive.” Using her unique “flip it” approach  clients are able to take the focus off what is wrong and redirect their energy to “what they want.” Andrea goes over and beyond for her clients- staying in touch through emails and texts so they stay on track  between sessions. With Andrea, nothing is off the table, she has “heard it all” and plans on hearing a lot more!  


From Andrea-

“When I was going through my divorce I walked out of my first and last marriage counseling session knowing there had to be a better way. I was tired of talking about why things were the way they were and wanted help “moving on."   I started working with a Life Coach who showed me how to move through fear instead of dwelling on the past. As a result, I started believing in myself and gained confidence and strength I never knew I had. I was hooked on the coaching process and quickly became certified so I could help other people turn their lives around.


We all have our insecurities, doubts and fears but with the right tools we can move forward and do anything we set our hearts (and minds) to. The coaching process gave me the confidence I needed to  transform my life. It inspired me to write and publish my first book, When You’re Ready.  When my mother was sick with leukemia it was instrumental in helping me let go of  lingering anger and resentment from my past. Thanks to coaching my mother and I  were able to fully enjoy each other during her last months. Coaching helped me find my “healthy place” which enabled me to have deeper relationships, take chances,  and so much more.


I am a single mother of three and recently became an “empty nester.”  I find this to be a very challenging time. Instead of dwelling on the past I am pursuing my dreams, coaching as many people as I can, writing a new book and working on a TV pilot all while getting to know myself in a new environment (LA). I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I know I will continue pursuing my dreams regardless of whatever life throws my way. I find great comfort and joy empowering my clients to believe in themselves and move forward with their lives. I am living proof with self love, confidence (and a Life Coach who cares) anyone can get where they want to go.”



I am a 42 year old single male who was having a difficult time after a break up. Andrea helped me realize I needed to make changes in my life and way of thinking. Her insight and advice helped me get through a very tough time. I feel better about myself and my future because of the work I did with her. She made me feel like a new man.

I leave her presence feeling empowered. Throughout our conversations, my anxiety and fear transform into a feeling of centeredness and trust -- of the path, growth and journey that I am on. Within our first couple of conversations, Andrea was able to lead me to identify the key area that I wanted and needed to focus on. Very early on, I found myself making significant progress in the area of healthy and productive communication with loved ones.

Within the first few minutes of chatting with Andrea, I felt an immediate sense of security and positivity. Her intuition and quick understanding of my worries and struggles helped me communicate with full transparency. Her guidance gave me a lot of light, energy and eagerness to start my new path with confidence.

Brian N.



Andrea is a supportive, motivational source. She is positive, nurturing and truly cares. I am blessed to have found her. Her words stay with me on the road to my goals.

She's confident yet warm, spiritually connected yet grounded. She remains a constant.

Andrea's positive outlook, selflessness, belief in the "Law of Attraction" and desire to help people make her an ideal Life Coach. Call her... you'll be very glad that you did!




"Amazing energy, she will get you right" - O


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