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Lifestyle Consulting

Wellness Consulting

A wellness/lifestyle consultation starts with a conversation about what is going on in your life. Even if you eat clean and exercise, you still have to be "mindful" and manage stress if you want to be in great shape. The goal is to look great and feel healthy, youthful and energized. Losing weight is a lot easier when stress is under control. My go-to for lowering cortisol levels is Transcendental Meditation but there are many other options. Losing weight gets harder as we get older - our bodies change and so do our lives. What worked in our thirties does not work in our fifties. Together we will find a sustainable lifestyle plan that will be easy for you to live with.

Beauty Consulting

Beauty Consulting always begins with “inner beauty” work. When a woman is feeling confident she radiates natural beauty. There is nothing sexier than a woman who loves herself and enhances it with the right make-up and beauty products.  I’ve always loved anything that has to do with beauty- whether it’s getting a blowout, having my make up done, a photo shoot, lash extensions- I love it all. But, I loved it even more when I started to love myself and that is how I want my clients to feel.  I pride myself on giving beauty advice and turning people onto new products.



I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Human Development majoring in Fashion/Clothing studies. After graduating, I worked as a personal stylist and later opened my own boutique. I’ve always been the “go to” person when friends, clients or family members need fashion advice. I’ve always had my own style and  never believed in following trends.  I see so many women trying to follow “the rules” instead of being confident enough to express their own sense of style.  Personal style is a reflection of how a woman feels about herself.


One of my favorite things to do is help clients create a Home environment that reflects the work we do together. Your "home" should be a place where you feel relaxed and surrounded with beauty and love. You want to feel at peace when you get home regardless of what your day was like. When I get to know a client's style, I can help them create a home that inspires them to be mindful and stay focused on their goals.

My home is always filled with white roses, candles (vanilla and grapefruit are favorites), pictures of my kids and dark chocolate. I have organic sheets on my bed and organic food in my refrigerator at all times. I have a huge Tiffany framed Vision Board with pictures of LA. I made it three years ago when I was living in New Jersey manifesting living in LA. I look at it every night because it reminds  me to stay focused on my dreams.  Today I am writing this from my home in Santa Monica! 

Lifestyle Consulting - Sunglasses and Iced Beverage
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