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Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is a results driven process, instead of “dwelling” on the issues we make a plan to move forward. All couples who have been together for awhile tend to get stuck in a “slump.” Couples coaching can improve/revive a relationship IF that is what both people want. I do not make breakup/divorce/makeup decisions for my clients. Instead, I guide them to make decisions based on what THEY really want. Sometimes people are afraid to make changes and/or hurt their partner. Couples coaching (mediator) provides a safe environment where both parties can express their true feelings without being judged (or interrupted!). Nothing is off the table in my coaching sessions- it’s a safe place to get “real.” 


Although rejection/break ups are painful, being honest and getting everything out in the open is a lot better than living in LIMBO! All relationships have their fair share of ups and downs, BUT- not ALL are meant to last forever. It’s better to end something that isn’t working. Living in denial is unhealthy and causes people to act out. Having an affair and/or shutting down emotionally only leads to unnecessary anger and resentment down the road. Facing a troubled relationship with integrity helps both people move on. Everyone deserves to be in a happy and loving relationship. 


Good communication and changing old patterns is the key to getting to the next chapter whether you stay together or not. The way you end a relationship will have lasting affects everyone (especially your kids) and all future relationships. NOT ALL RELATIONSHIPS ARE MEANT TO LAST FOREVER BUT THEY ARE ALL MEANT TO TEACH US HOW TO BE IN ONE. 

Couples Coaching - Couple Kissing on the Water
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